Our Team

My name is Ebony and I offer you hope.

“Our worst break could spark our biggest breakthrough and our darkest moment can lead us to light.”

Nothing inspires me more than offering hope to those who are in need and seeking to embark on a healing journey to become the best version of their self. I wholeheartedly, believe in assisting you in facing difficult life challenges, past trauma, pain, worry, and or fears to develop tranquility from the inside out.

I embrace and provide an overall style of integrating western interventions with eastern methods of healing, solution focused, person-centered, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, humanistic and goal oriented approaches. Your desire to increase self-awareness, self-compassion and cultivate authentic self-love promoting overall mental, emotional and spiritual wellness begins here.

As a clinician, I provide a therapeutic mental health treatment specializing in emotional and behavioral challenges in children and adolescents, self-destructive and risk-taking behaviors, trauma, anxiety, depression, couples counseling, LGBT, parental separation, life transitions and transformations. Children, Adolescents, Adults.

Ebony Jones-Locklear

My name is Theresa and I can help you realize your potential.

Many today feel dis-empowered and overwhelmed by their own lives. Some seem to 'have it all together' while you struggle with the basics. You may feel stymied by your past mistakes or even your upbringing. Often families and couples lose their connection and have difficulty finding their way back to each other. There is a way to make sense of it all and emerge stronger and centered, both as an individual and a unit.

My multicultural approach to healing and self actualization integrates family systems and motivational interviewing along with many other components. This approach coupled with significant life experience inform my counseling and enables me to help with a wide range of issues. I specialize in working with those going through midlife revelations and those struggling with their faith or belief system.

Behind every challenge is the potential for growth. I will help you sift through the issues clogging up your productivity and creativity. It is my belief we are equipped with what we need to live full, rich, lives. With patience and perseverance many things can be accomplished. For those ready for change this is indeed an exciting time to be alive!

Theresa McCormick-Dunlap, MSW, LCSW-A graduated from Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, NC. Theresa is our Telehealth Specialist, working with individuals who need increased convenience and accessibility.

Theresa McCormick-Dunlap

My name is Kimberly and I can get you unstuck.

Sometimes people just get stuck. This might be because of a difficult life circumstance, a change in a relationship, or balancing life demands. I became a therapist because I know how important it is to make sure people are heard and validated. I want you to know that however you feel or whatever you are feeling is allowed and valid. You are doing everything you can to cope, but I am here to help you cope even better.

I want to offer a safe and supportive environment for you to be able to process your feelings regardless of any emotions you are experiencing in your life. You should know that there is help and hope for a future where you can feel differently and empowered.

It is perfectly natural to reach out and to move forward. I can help you get started and support your progress through your individual change process. I can help you explore and decide what choices will help you to move forward in your life.

Kimberly Enicks, MSW, LCSW graduated from The Catholic University of America with a Masters of Social Work degree.

Kimberly Enicks

My name is Jessie and I can help you move forward.

"I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become." - Carl Jung

Many people have had scary or terrible things happen to them: trauma isn't just what happens to you - it's how you experience it.

Maybe - as is the case with many others - you haven’t told anyone. Maybe you have told people what happened and their response was confusing, hurtful, or dismissive. Maybe you feel like you just want it to be over or you should have gotten past it already. You might have reminders of what happened impacting your life through nightmares, flashbacks, or trying to avoid any mention or reminder of the events. You might feel numb. Maybe you are a parent and are completely lost on how to help your child recover.

I work with adolescents, adults, and families - helping individuals that are struggling not only with trauma, but with depression and anxiety as well.

During our first visit, we will talk about what is bothering you now and what you want help with. You do not have to tell a stranger everything at the first visit - we’ll get there together.

Jessie Ogienko, MSW, LCSW graduated from Emory University with Honors in Psychology and from Hunter College at the City University of New York with a Masters of Social Work degree with a specialty in Clinical Practice and a special focus on Interdisciplinary Practice. She is trained in EMDR, and is certified in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) as well as a Family Centered Treatment (FCT) therapist and trainer.

Jessie is currently offering Clinical Supervision to LCSW-A therapists pursuing full licensure.

Jessie Ogienko

My name is Kacey and I am here to support you on your journey.

Feeling uncomfortable is a signal that it is time for us to start our own process of change. Starting this path of working through difficult or emotional challenges sometimes requires deep vulnerability. Opening up and being vulnerable with someone else can be intimidating, but once practiced, it can also be liberating! You may have had things happen to you that were unfair and painful, causing conflict within yourself or with others. It is especially difficult when you feel alone without someone you can talk to, who will listen without judgment. When you feel overwhelmed and you are experiencing trials that are difficult to navigate, it is time to reach out for support.

I started my journey towards becoming a therapist because I know that life can be hard and sometimes it feels like a never-ending uphill battle. I am here to provide added support during this time, to give you the space to be vulnerable, heard, and to share tools that can be helpful to you. My goal is to help you feel empowered to seek growth, acceptance, and peace within yourself. Sometimes you just need someone to talk to, and other times you might need help learning new coping skills. I hope to be that trusted person you can share your thoughts and feelings with, as well as practice new skills to be implemented in your everyday life.

I look forward to being a part of your journey towards self-discovery and self-empowerment.

Kacey Scheuerman is a Masters-level intern at University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Kacey Scheuerman